Sunday, August 3, 2008

Well, that only took 16 years

So let's see. You're building a huge new domed stadium, that's going to house the local NFL franchise. The NFL team's colors are red and black, with some occasional accents of white and silver/grey. Oh, and the flagship university in the same state has the same primary color scheme, too. So back in 1992, what hues do you use to adorn your new multi-million dollar facility? Mauve, teal, and peach, of course.


I realize things sometimes take a while to get to the south, but Miami Vice was canceled in 1989.

For comparison's sake, peep the new Cowboys stadium. Jerry Jones isn't doing his shiny new toy in mustard, avocado and periwinkle.

Now, after 16 years, the Georgia Dome will be unveiling a slick new paint job that actually reflects the color palette of the primary occupants. Check out the glorious red and black here.

Could this be good juju for a certain university's run toward an SEC Championship, which just happens to be played in the same (now red & black) building?

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  1. Hopefully, you are right about the ju ju..... It looks damn good!