Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Talking TV

This past Sunday, I had the honor of guesting on the "What's On with Steph & Des" podcast to talk about -- you guessed it -- television. Des was taking a break ("on hiatus" as they say in the TV biz), so Steph and I chatted for a long while about what we watched the week prior. We watch a lot of the same things, but A) she tried to explain what the hell went on last week with Survivor, and B) I tried to convince her that Archer is the funniest show on TV (I don't know if "robot vagina in the sink" really convinced her). All that, plus discussions about the various "best show of all time" brackets and some Whedon love.

You can find a link to their showpage and the podcast HERE.

You can find the podcast in iTunes HERE.

You want a pizza? I'm gonna SHIT MYSELF!

From a Yelp! review of a local pizza joint: