Monday, August 13, 2012

Bulldog Schedule Desktop Wallpapers

So, I was looking at the Dawgs 2012 football schedule this weekend, planning my trips back to the motherland, and decided to frak around with some ways to turn that schedule into a handy desktop wallpaper. Here's how that turned out:

For each week, I choose a representative opponent helmet shot (or in the case of the bye week, a better "shot," if you know what I mean). Since we all pretty much know when these games are happening, I didn't spell out the month, just abbreviating it to the first letter. For away games, I added the "@" symbol after the date (and in the case of Georgia/Florida, identified that by yes-we'll-always-call-it-that designation of "WLOCP"). This one has the sched broken down across the top on a grass field.

This one has a grey background, with the opponent squares also tinted with one of their school colors.

This one is on our traditional red, with the opponents organized by actual month.

If you like, feel free to use them. Go Dawgs.