Saturday, May 28, 2011


A quick review of Tron: Legacy:

This is one of the most well-designed and gorgeous movies I’ve ever seen. 

Michael Sheen and Olivia Wilde are the only ones having any fun (including the audience).

The script is an abomination. I can’t believe anyone thought this made sense or was narratively interesting in any way before starting production.

Every girl, everywhere, should have Olivia Wilde’s haircut all the time.

Jeff Bridges went “method” with his acting. Except he thought he was still acting in Lebowski.

The score is fan-fucking-tastic. Download it now. It’s that good.

The “de-aged” Jeff Bridges resembles, and is as convincing, as Clutch Cargo.

Suddenly, I like my neighbors

Browsing through some of the many Netflix recommendation screens, I came across this showing what folks in my area are watching:

I may complain about the taxes here or the locals' love of Ray Lewis or all the fucking lacrosse coverage in the sports section, but I honestly can't fault the TV taste of those around me.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Post Upfront TV Thoughts

The network upfronts finished up last week, and it’s time to take stock of the new programming coming our way. Of course, no one has actually seen anything, really, other than a few clips here and there. So these assessments are based on casting and creator information, brief show trailers and scenes, and feedback from some trusted critics (who haven’t seen anything more than we have).

Also, a few things you should know about my personal predilections:
  • I loathe “reality” TV. I’ve sampled it. I still hate it. Except Mythbusters.
  • I don’t care for “family” dramas or comedies, especially those with kids. If there’s some type of genre twist, I might give it a shot, but even then, I can barely stomach them. (For example, V was awful. But was that the fault of Elizabeth Mitchell or Morena Baccarin, who gave the shitty scripts their all? No. But we all loved the character of Tyler, right? SeewhatImean?). Occasionally, critical buzz and recommendations from friends with good and/or similar taste will convince me to check out something not in my wheelhouse, like Modern Family. Which is still on my season pass list. Similarly, plot developments on some shows I’m still hanging on to may make me press the delete button on my season pass list (I’m looking at you Bones and How I Met Your Mother). Basically, if they’re not Arya Stark or Alexis Castle (or, Zeus help me, the characters/plot devices from Glee), I don’t really have any use for them.
  • I’m in the bag for any type of sci-fi or genre show. (See above, re: V. Which I watched to the bitter end. Just like Flash Forward. "I WAS LOADED OKAY!" Though not so in the bag that I tried The Event).

That said, here’s my take on the new network shows…

I’ll check it out because of the adorable, quirkilicious leads, but probably won’t stay for long
  • 2 Broke Girls, CBS Mondays (Kat Dennings).
  • New Girl, FOX Tuesdays (Zooey Deschanel).
  • Apartment 23, ABC Tuesdays (Krysten Ritter)
From the JJ Abrams factory and I love the cast from Lost, so I’ll watch even when it gets too complicated or stops making narrative sense
  • Person of Interest, CBS Thursdays (Emerson!)
  • Alcatraz, FOX Mondays (Jorge!)
Time travel and dinosaurs!
  • Terra Nova, FOX Mondays (Yes, Brannon Braga is involved. Yes, I’ll still watch anyway).
I think I was the only one who didn’t hate the backdoor pilot
  • The Finder, FOX Thursdays
Based purely on SMG affection
  • The Ringer, CW
Sounds like I should watch it, but maybe not?
  • Grimm, NBC Fridays (Angel writers! But too close to Supernatural? And on at the same time AS Supernatural? AND Fringe? I’ll pass).
  • Once Upon A Time, ABC Sundays (Created by Lost writers! Sounds like Fables! Ginnifer Goodwin! Writing staff just added Jane Espenson! But stars charisma vacuum Jennifer Morrison).
What looks good to y’all?