Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hey, they're giving out some TV awards!

Sunday night is the Emmy award broadcast. Back in July, before the actual nominations were released, I previewed all the major categories. Below, you will find links to my analysis of those categories, along with my brief predictions on who will win and who should win. Feel free to add your predictions in the comments.

Comedy Supporting Acting

Will Win: Ty Burrell
Should Win: Ty Burrell (only because in a tragedy of Greek proportions, Nick Offerman wasn't nominated).

Will Win: Jane Lynch
Should Win: Sofia Vergara

Drama Supporting Acting

Will Win: Alan Cumming
Should Win: Peter Dinklage

Will Win: Margo Martindale
Should Win: Margo Martindale

Drama Lead Acting

Will Win: Steve Buscemi
Should Win:Jon Hamm

Will Win: Juliana Margulies
Should Win: Elisabeth Moss or Connie Britton (I just couldn't pick between them)

Comedy Lead Acting

Will Win: Steve Carrell
Should Win: Louis CK

Will Win: Laura Linney
Should Win: Amy Poehler

Comedy Series

Will Win: Modern Family
Should Win: Parks & Recreation

Drama Series

Will Win: Boardwalk Empire
Should Win: Game of Thrones (or Mad Men)