Monday, February 13, 2012

So, I Guess There Were Vampires in Fairy Tale Land

Anyone watching Once Upon A Time last night catch something in the background of Rumpelstiltskin's castle? Take a look at the screencap below:

Just what is that thing on display, to the left of the framed artwork?

Does this ring any bells?

The OUAT episode was written by the brilliant Whedonverse vet Jane Espenson, so I have to think that was an intentional shout-out (much like all the Lost Easter Eggs that keep popping up).

Friday, February 10, 2012

Maybe Too Quick On The Draw

Last night, SI's media writer, Richard Deitsch (@richarddeitsch) threw out a question on twitter: who are your "Top 5 Favorite TV Characters of All Time?" His list:

I was watching TV, and responded instantly, without thinking too much about it:

I like that list. A good mix of genre (drama, comedy, sci-fi) and gender, along with "old" and "new." But the instant I hit "send," I started actually considering my choices, and wanted to amend, correct, and add to my list. For fuck's sake, how could I have forgotten about:

Malcolm Reynolds
Veronica Mars
Wesley Wyndham Price
Jimmy McNulty
Adelle Dewitt
Omar Little
Tyrion Lannister
Coach Eric Taylor
Fox Mulder
Al Swearengen
Ron Swanson
Ben Linus
The Doctor (10 and 11, especially)
Thomas Magnum
Rupert Giles
Raylan Givens
Dean Winchester
Tim Bisley
Don Draper
Jean Luc Picard
7 of 9
Alice Morgan
Tami Taylor
Dana Scully
Gaius Baltar
Stringer Bell
Fred Burkle/Illyria
Abed Nadir
John Crichton
Charlie Kelly
Walter Bishop
Homer Simpson
Jim Rockford
Lorelai Gilmore
And on and on. You get the idea. That's why we love television, and spending time with characters. Still, if I had to make ONE change to my original, off the cuff list, I'd probably add Malcolm Reynolds to it (in place of Michael Bluth), seeing as that is my absolute favorite character of all time (and I can't believe he didn't pop into my head first). Shiny.