Sunday, August 3, 2008

Who wants some leftovers?

A few things I didn't get to in Saturday's potpourri post:

Has anyone taken a gander at's list of the "Top 50 Sci-Fi" shows of all time? Boston may have a stranglehold on professional sports championships, but they obviously don't know quality geek TV worth a damn. When you compile a list like that, you should probably have a good working definition of what "sci-fi" really is. Do you include "supernatural" shows? They did, but inexplicably had Buffy ranked at 27 (you mean there are 26 better "sci-fi" shows? You've got to be fucking kidding me!) and Angel not ranked at all. And Firefly at 17? Lost is ranked 11, which seems low, all things considered. But then you click the "next" button and see that they have Sliders at 10? Sliders? Ahead of Lost? And ahead of Buffy, Angel and Firefly? Holy shit. At least their top 4 is respectable and somewhat defensible: X-Files at 4, Star Trek: The Next Generation at 3, (new) BSG at 2 and Star Trek (Original Recipe) at 1. Feel free to peruse the list and gnash your teeth.

Nice article on crime shows, from someone who is not particularly a fan of the genre, singling out The Closer, Burn Notice and In Plain Sight. Last Monday's Closer was the best of the season, and one of the best of the series. Burn Notice also gave Sam a chance to participate in some gleeful interrogation, and against my better judgment, I'm actually starting to like Mary's trampy sister on IPS (though I could still watch an entire hour of Marshal Marshall's droll line readings).

Video interview with Rebecca Mader, Lost's Charlotte. No real spoilers, of course. I didn't find her particularly alluring on that lawyer show with Spy Daddy, but when she uses her true English accent, she's all kinds of adorable. (I wonder if focusing so hard on maintaining the "American" accent drains all the charisma? For example, Michelle Ryan was dreadful on Bionic Woman, except for the one ep where she played an English exchange student, and got to speak in her own voice).

Another day, another trip down toy memory lane. Yep, my family built models of all kinds (cars, planes, name it) and we did have a NCC-1701.

Anyone else looking forward to Chuck returning? Here's some kinda crappy video of the extended 6 minute preview shown at Comic-Con.


  1. THE FUCKING JETSONS ARE AHEAD OF BUFFY?!?!? Beam me up, Scotty. There's no intelligent life down here.

  2. Yeah, the folks that compiled that list should be ashamed to call themselves television critics. or fans. Or watchers.

  3. Or humans in general.

  4. That sci-fi list is nine kinds of wrong. I mean, Sliders? For real?

  5. I know. There were tons of questionable calls, but that one really stands out. I even tried Sliders once when it was repeating on Skiffy, but quickly concluded that the only decent "sliders" are the ones that cause gastrointestinal distress.