Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'll take potpourri for $2,300, Alex

Joss talks about "nurture vs. nature" on Dollhouse. And here's a more extensive interview with him from The Hollywood Reporter.

If "dogs and cats living together!" is a harbinger of a Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man apocalypse, then the big guy may be on his way. This is just too damned cute.

Remembrances of being a spoiled only child. Every time I see one of these "retro toys," I always go "I had that one."

Speaking of GI Joe, have you ever wondered what a remake of John Carpenter's The Thing would look like filmed using GI Joe toys? Well, wonder no more. Awesome.

A Wonderfalls character (and maybe more than one!) will turn up on TV again. Damn, I loved that show.

An excellent summary of Mad Men's S2 premiere. After all the anticipation, it certainly didn't disappoint. And all the good buzz paid off: the show doubled last year's average viewership. Here's a video interview with the unbelievably gorgeous Christina Hendricks.

Al Gore's son will only date chicks with the initials "LL."

Along those lines, calculate your Ecological Footprint!
My result:
"If everyone lived like you, we'd need 8.1 Planet Earths to provide enough resources."
"To support your lifestyle, it takes 36.1 global acres of the Earth's productive area."
And that's before I've purchased a new home here, opened up a new paper mill or told the checkout clerk at Harris-Teeter to use 1 sack per item with my groceries.

In praise of Dana Scully.

As if we needed another example of the theocracy's idiocy.

Here's a great podcast interview with Mark Sheppard (Romo Lampkin from BSG, Badger from Firefly). Funny, prickly, insightful dude, and he talks about the brilliance of BSG, complete dysfunction on the set of Bionic Woman, and an upcoming appearance on my favorite summer show, The Middleman. (Which, like me, he compares to the sadly short-lived The Tick).

The Jorts Jesus won't have his reputation sullied by Playboy
. Because, of course, he wouldn't want to sully his reputation by associating with anything risque. So I guess he'll just have to drop out of school and go give circumcisions in third-world countries, now that this list has been published, right? On moral grounds?

Damn, Whoopi gets around. She should move here, where they would just call her "amateur."

More AV Club recaps of Buffy, S2, including an appreciation for the darkly ambitious and heart-rending "Passion."

Matt Stafford: "Overrated" or "The Truth?"

Is DJ Shockley making strides in Falcons camp? (No word from Lou Holtz on how JD Stokely is performing).

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