Thursday, December 19, 2013

Top 15 TV Shows of 2013

It was SO hard to narrow down my best of TV to a mere 15 shows. Why 15? Because if I capped it at 10, then there wouldn't have been room for the late, lamented Bunheads, a show that I never would have thought I'd become attached to. RIP Bunheads. Sniff).

What also surprised me is how many network shows -- five, and several from CBS -- that I wound up including. Speaking of five, there were also five new shows on this list.

My top TV of the year:

In case the pictures don't work for you, here's a list:

1.    Game Of Thrones
2.    Breaking Bad
3.    Justified
4.    Mad Men
5.    Hannibal
6.    The Americans
7.    The Good Wife
8.    Person Of Interest
9.    Boardwalk Empire
10.    Orange Is The New Black
11.    Orphan Black
12.    Masters Of Sex
13.    Elementary
14.    Bob’s Burgers
15.    Bunheads

Agree? Disagree? What were your top shows of the year?

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