Thursday, December 19, 2013

Top 15 New TV Shows of 2013

2013 was a really good year for television. There were exciting experiments in form, like the return of miniseries (or, as they are called these days, "limited run events") and the rise of non-traditional outlets, like Netflix and Hulu.

Below are my picks for the 15 best new shows of the year. Among them, you will find shows that enjoyed surprising success with a new take on existing material (Hannibal, Bates Motel, Masters of Sex, and the this-can't-possibly-work-but-yet-it-does Sleepy Hollow), emotionally gripping procedurals (Broadchurch, The Fall, Top of the Lake), genre delights (Orphan Black and In The Flesh), pure unadulterated pulp (Banshee), and the return of the cop comedy (Brooklyn 99).

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In case the pictures don't work for you, here's a list:

1.    Hannibal
2.    The Americans
3.    Orange Is The New Black
4.    Orphan Black
5.    Masters Of Sex
6.    Broadchurch
7.    House Of Cards
8.    Sleepy Hollow
9.    Banshee
10.    Bates Motel
11.    The Bridge
12.    In The Flesh
13.    Top Of The Lake
14.    The Fall
15.    Brooklyn 99

 What are your top new shows of the year?

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