Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ghost in the Machine

By now, almost anyone with twitter has probably played around with That Can Be My Next Tweet. I know I did, and it's sorcery, I tell ya! What it lacks in syntax and correct grammar, it more than makes up for in accuracy and humor. Here are a few from my twitter feed (with comments):

I'm game! OMG, y'all. the landing. They're all makes sense now. I'm worried about Firefly.
Excitement, southern twang and concern about Firefly. It's as if twitter existed in September of 2002.

Just watched that Nationals game in their databases. Happy Birthday Richard Dawkins.
Being where I am, I watch a lot of MASN/Nationals games in order to actually watch the Braves. Apparently, I'm Neo and can jack into the Matrix to see them now. Can I use my godlike powers to move Jason Heyward up in the batting order? Oh, and of course, happy birthday to one of the few beacons of reason in our increasingly deluded culture.

That's the Buffster, but I'll get home can't remember fretting about REM Don't got back and very!
I'm worried again, but at least I can't recall it. And suddenly, I'm hearing my favorite band sing "Don't Go Back To Sunnydale."

Fringe was thoughtful, honest response. That word irks me at the beginning.
Another geek show reference. I'm sensing a pattern. Irked, I am!

EST? Or CST? You HAVE seen all been a TARDIS on tonight. Featuring Mr. Blue Sky, my largest knowledge.
Does an Eastern or Central time zone really matter if you have a TARDIS? Didn't think so. And apparently, I am the world's foremost authority on ELO songs.

Just finished participating in her to be a dream? Hmmmm. If camping, I'm worried about Angel S3 last.
Again, I'm WORRIED about my geeky genre television! I hope it doesn't get canceled, dammit! (And if I'm "participating in her," I wonder if she knows? Or maybe she's just like Mal in Inception. I can say with authority that my dreamscape wouldn't include camping).

Truly laid the title. No spell-check at work, and then again, he's awesome in another state.
Evidently, I'm prone to typos in the office. And I was kinda awesome in another state.

Bill collectors looking for TOS shows. Sketchier rumors/urban legend for Hamlet.
Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not an accountant! And did the Danish Prince say "bloody Mary" three times into a mirror?

Exceptions? Maybe the Pink Floyd. I understand current plots. Did an acid trip.
Okay, an acid trip certainly helps you understand Pink Floyd. Howdy, Sid!

Kinda like Caprica though I do we Yanks treated the only Holly Holiday. A new Showtime series with?
Perhaps Showtime is starting a new show in England, with Gwyneth Paltrow as a killer robot intent on destroying humanity. Talk about typecasting.

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  1. "I have to educate as a fit get bitchy how I blame Fergie. I think of pleasure over the porn"

    I bitch a lot about the Black Eyed Peas requests I get as the manager of a roller rink. I. Hate. Them. So. Much.
    I once live tweeted a porno while drunk.
    But I'm not sure how education entered the picture.