Friday, April 29, 2011


Just got a notification that Sirius/XM is changing the numbers on their channel lineup. Truth be told, I listen to more podcasts these days than satellite radio. But they offered a handy tool to allow you to construct and print a guide with the new channels, showing ONLY the channels you want to see.

Over on my beloved boob tube, every DVR I've had, of both the TiVo and DirecTV variety, has allowed you to create a custom on-screen channel guide for easier and more discerning channel flipping. Whenever I get a new box, that's one of the first things I do after setting up my season pass list. Why the fuck would I even want to scroll through endless "pages" of home shopping, soccer, kids and religious programming if there's no way in hell I will ever click one of those channels? It's like I'm betraying my thumb, and making it do extra work for absolutely no reward.

When I visit another house, and see them scrolling through channels and I see the flotsam and jetsam of broadcasting, I wonder if they know this option even exists. Or, shudder, they actually watch some of these channels. The mind reels.

I'm awed at how far we've come in my lifetime with regard to entertainment options. (I can even remember three networks and rabbit ears from my childhood!) I hope I live to see the day when radio and TV programming is all Randian and a la carte. I have no problem paying, even handsomely, for the stuff that I WANT TO WATCH. Even though I can easily 86 it from the guide, it still frosts my nads that Calliou and Pat Robertson even come though my digital pipeline.

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