Monday, December 27, 2010

TNRLM's Favorite TV Characters of the Year: The 2010 Contest Results Teaser

I'll be back shortly to announce the winner of the contest, and reveal the characters, but first, a few observations:
  • No one guessed all 25 characters. No one did last year, either. In 2009, the winner correctly identified 24 of 25. This year, the winner (and the runner up) got 20 of 25 correctly.
  • There was a tie for first place, and the winner was decided by 8 minutes on the timestamp.
  • There were three characters that no one guessed correctly. (#1, #8 and #23).
  • Only one person identified #19 and #25.
  • Depending on how you slice the numbers, almost all of the shows represented are niche programming or ratings-challenged. A quick look at ratings trends indicates that 92% of them garner less than 5 million (total) viewers on their first run (cable shows, though, pick up additional viewers with repeat airings. And as we all know, total viewers are far less important to the networks than 18-49 viewers).
  • Five of the shows represented already been canceled. (sniff)
  • Networks represented: FOX with 4 mentions, BBC (!), FX and HBO with 3, AMC, NBC, SyFy and USA with 2, and CW, DirecTV, Showtime and Starz with 1 each.
 Later this morning, the reveals and the winner. Stay tuned.


  1. Darn it...I meant to send an entry in.

    Just for #19 the Progressive Insurance lady? She's either her or Trudy Campbell...

    #8 is Tami depresses me that no one got that right.

  2. Could you have gotten 20+? I know you watch a lot of these shows, so just curious.

    Nope, #19 is not "Flo." And your second guess is the right show... :)

    THAT'S A BINGO for #8.

  3. I think I would have gotten 19 right, if I'm right on #7 and #20.

    What the are my guesses:

    2) Abed
    3) Britney S. Pearce
    4) Claudia
    5) Amy Pond
    6) Sterling Archer
    7) I THINK that's Sheldon?
    8) Tami Taylor
    9) Olivia Dunham
    10) ?
    11) ? (this one is driving me crazy...)
    12) Daniel Graystone
    13) Dan Stark's mustache
    14) Hank (sniff)
    15) Guerrero
    16) Kale Ingram
    17) Mozzie ( I think)
    18) Nurse Jackie?
    19) Peggy Olsen
    20) Sherlock Holmes
    21) Richard Harrow
    22) Raylan Givens
    23) ?
    24) Russell Edgington (delivering maybe my favorite line of dialogue all year)
    25) Not sure...Jack Donaghy?

    How did I do?

  4. Very good. A little adjustment here or there, and you're in the money!