Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sawyer as a Son

I was browsing through some of TWOP's front page Lost coverage, and they had a few good lists and roundups. One called "If Lost stars never got Lost" (or, "Sideways versions of the actors' careers"), where they imagined what would have happened to the actors if they had never been on the show. One idea struck me as positively brilliant: Josh Holloway winds up as Jax's estranged older brother on Sons of Anarchy. Holloway can captivatingly convey that intoxicating mixture of charm and menace necessary to play in the world of the Sons, and I could easily see him as a relative of Jax. (Maybe John Teller had a little fling with a stripper down south on a road trip before settling down with Gemma? Works for me). Sutter, you already have Man In Black on the show, time to bring over another Lostie!

They also have a Best and Worst episode list. Two thoughts on the the "worst." I know "Across the Sea" isn't universally beloved, nor did it provide ANSWERS! in the way many of us wanted, but the more I think about that ep, the more I like it. It was a parable of a parable, and Pellegrino and Welliver sold the shit out of it. Also there is "Expose," and still don't get the hate for that. I understand the reasoning behind introducing and Paulo (and understand the hate for them, too), but for an ep that openly acknowledged the "meta-situation," AND dealt with the characters in a cruelly humorous (or humorously cruel) fashion, I thought it was pretty damned entertaining. You can find my "Reconsidered: "Expose" piece here.

There's also a "Questions we don't need answered" piece. I agree with most of them, but I did hope to see some more color to the story of Annie, and an explanation about the food drops (even if it was a throwaway line).

In the "Most worthless characters ever" feature, they list Christian Sheppard, which I don't necessarily agree with. He was a necessary bastard to the Jack story - though I will be pissed if we don't get some clarity on his island appearances (and NO, I still can't believe it was Smokey every single time he showed up). And Charlie? Harsh, dude. And Claire? But Bai Ling? Uh, yep.

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