Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'll take potpourri for $7,000, Alex

Time for a new collection of miscellanea:

Mind-boggling infographic depicting the character timelines of Pulp Fiction.

Riker and Troi pitch a Star Trek: TNG sitcom.

Though it would take forever to play a game, this Rube Goldberg D&D 20 sided die rolling contraption is pretty cool.

For those of you inclined to partake of the hippy lettuce, here's an assortment of MacGyvered "devices."

The Top 50 "Women of Whedon." A few thoughts...Aly Hannigan at 50? Er, no. Definitely top 10. Ditto Olivia Williams. Bai Ling? Fucking Bai Ling, who "starred" in the worst eps of two of my favorite series ("Stranger in a Strange Land," and "She")??? Michelle Trachtenberg over Christina Hendricks? Really? I might re-order the top 3, but hard to argue with them.

Similarly, here's a take on the Top 25 Women of Lost (there's a link to Lost beefcake for the ladies, too). Personally, I would put Charlotte and Penny in the top 3 with their choice for #1, who is also my choice for hottest Lostie.

List of Top 10 Lost characters.

40 Best Cartoon Characters of All Time.

An awesome visual illusion.

The Geek Alphabet.

A good list of "Hey, It's That Guys"

If I was Hamlet, what I would do on a whiteboard.

Actually, this sounds like a fair swap

Montage of every single Lost death scene. (Er...SPOILERS).

Who is to blame for American Idol sucking this season? 5 possible culprits. (Hard to argue with those, though ultimately, "the producers" bear a lot of responsibility for many of these).

15 TV show remakes that were utter disasters

Top 6 Whedon character deaths.

Tim Gunn evaluates superhero costumes, part 2.

Top 10 things Hollywood things computers can do.

This doesn't seem at all surprising to me.

It's probably time for a new BlackBerry, but I'm not sure there's anything out there that has the perfect "form and function" to compete with my 2 year old Bold 9000. (Which has the best handheld keyboard ever invented by man, but could use some serious memory upgrades). Here's a look at a potentially new "slider," which has a REAL keyboard (a must) and a bigass screen. (But is the keyboard like the 9000's, or is it based on the smaller 9700?) Also, though I don't RIM has any intention of actually making this device, I know it would be on my wish list.


  1. Any listing of the hottest Whedonverse women that ranks Morena Baccarin below Paige Moss is so seriously flawed that it flabbers my gast.

  2. I don't have the Veruca hate a lot of Buffy fans do, and think she was damned cute, but..what WHAT? Morena's a top 5er easy. (Hell, I watch V purely for her and Liz Mitchell -- certainly not for the brilliant scripting).

  3. Word on V. And I don't have hate for Moss, but the word you used was the one I'd have used: that is, she's cute, but she's not "hot" to me. But Baccarin? 48 out of 50? That's just nine kinds of wrong.

    And I get they had to use characters who made only one appearance to round the list out to 50 women, but I can easily think of a half-dozen women from the Whedonverse who were seen once who I think are way hotter than some on this list--including the actresses who played Olivia, the three Furies, Sarah Paulson in Serenity, and that movie star chick from "Eternity." (Seriously, how the hell did the "Eternity" actress NOT make the list???)

  4. That V dinner scene with Morena and Liz almost made up for squandering a solid show premise.

    And yeah, 48 out of 50 is stunning for MB. I like your additional choices too (particularly Sarah Paulson, who I'll always think of as Sorkin's hate-fuck Cheno voodoo doll on Studio 60), and YES to the "Eternity" chick. I think that's an underrated episode, and she was smoking hot. (I remember watching an ep of In Plain Sight, and going to imdb because someone looked familiar, and it turned out to be her. She should show up on more shows).

  5. Christina hendricks is an absolute stunner!