Friday, May 7, 2010

Double your sexy

So, I'm sitting at home last night, swallowing fistfuls of cold & flu pills, and washing them down with whiskey, while snacking on Cheez-It Duoz and watching a kick-ass episode of Community (really, if you haven't seen it, go watch it now). I started thinking about the delightful combination of flavors in the Cheez-It Duoz (the Sharp Cheddar/Parmesan is spectacular, as is the Smoked Cheddar/Monterey Jack) and the delightful combination of sexiness on my screen in the personages of Britta and Annie.

Are they the hottest "Duoz" on TV today? Hmmm. I started jotting down a few ideas, and realized this was not exactly clear cut. So I assembled my initial list, with the only restrictions being:
  1. From a program currently on the TV schedule for 2010 (or else I could wind up with a three page summary of Whedon shows), and...
  2. The people in question have to be part of the main cast, or a recurring guest star (and not a one-shot guest star).
Then, I realized I needed to be an equal opportunity ogler, and reached out to my distaff counterpart, a fellow TV junkie, to get her thoughts on a XX version of the Duoz list. Her suggestions started with Supernatural, which, as she says, "never fails to give her a lady boner," and also contained some interesting and less obvious choices. I augmented that with some ideas of my own, and VOILA! A list of TNRLM's Sexiest TV Duoz!

But what fun is it to just tell you what I think? I've put our suggestions into two polls where you, loyal TNRLM readers, can weigh in, and tell us what YOU think. If I didn't include Duoz that makes the blood run swiftly to your nether regions, then choose "Other" and offer up your suggestions in the comments.


  1. I was all ready to vote for the V Duoz in the women's poll because Morena Baccarin is sinfully gorgeous, but then I got to Joan and Betty from Mad Men and realized that's the only possible response.

    I've seen only a couple of eps of Supernatural, but all it took was one visit to IMDb to realize my vote was going to Castiel and Lucifer. Mark Pellegrino is such a good actor, and turns out that other guy used to work for NPR. I have an unnatural obsession with NPR, so they automatically got my vote.

  2. Drop, here's a "cheat:" You can vote for BOTH V and Mad Men. (It's poll construction the Chicago Way: Vote Early and Often!). So while there are hard choices (ahem), you don't really have to make them.

    I never really noticed Pelligrino in anything, until he was kinda loathsome as Rita's ex on Dexter, and then he turned up as Jacob on Lost and Lucifer on Supernatural. He really is a talented dude. And he and Cas are easy on the eyes, and both have a lot of fun with their roles on Supernatural. That show has a lot of "I'll be in my bunk" material for the ladies (though I've certainly appreciated Pamela, Meg, Ruby, Jo and Bella)