Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'll take potpourri for $7,000, Alex

It's been a while since the last potpourri roundup, hasn't it? Here are few items worth perusal:

Interesting observations about "when" Amy came from in the new Doctor Who (which is really fabulous, y'all, and very easy thus far for newbies who want to jump in).

Blunt and informative Q&A with Steven S. DeKnight (a Whedon alum, and producer of the increasingly entertaining Spartacus: Blood & Sand).

Ken Levine offers appreciation for an all-timer: Elizabeth Montgomery. (Much like the "Mary Anne or Ginger" debate, there was also a question of "Jeannie or Samantha." I was firmly behind Samantha Stevens. Wait, that didn't sound right. Wait, yes it did).

Mythbusters Adam Savage offers some brilliance. (Why doesn't everyone think this way?)

TV Credits that break the show's normal pattern.

Good list of the 25 Best Movie Remakes of All Time.

25 Awesome geeky t-shirts.

Choosing Battlestar Galactica over a boyfriend. (Hey Ladies: sometimes you don't have to choose. Thanks. The Editor).

More cool t-shirts. SHINY.

The importance of the FUCK YEAH moment.

I'd like to see this Rom-com.

"Lesbian Spank Inferno" makes you realize how wasted Jack Davenport is on FlashForward.

Great video essay on everyone's favorite Vulcan.


  1. Thanks for the links, you always dig up some cool stuff. Especially like the piece on opening credits. I remembered the Buffy and Enterprise ones but had forgotten (or never seen) some of the others.

  2. Cool stuff on Amy/Amelia, too .I'm one of the "newbies" that something this show might do?

  3. Oh yes, that's totally a thing the show might do. They have season arcs (this years has to do with the "crack"), and drop lots of hints along the way. However, it should also be noted that for a show about time travel, they can play a little loose with continuity (there's not Lost like obsession with it, and the 10th Doctor brushed it off as "timey wimey wibbly wobbly"). Still, I think Moffatt (new showrunner) might be more attuned to the details than Davies (old showrunner). Glad you're enjoying it thus far. It really is a blue phone booth full of fun.