Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No fake sex for me. I'll just stick to the fake killing.

According to a report at Deadline Hollywood, actor Neal McDonough was fired from the upcoming ABC series Scoundrels because he refused to do intimate or sexual scenes of any kind.

There are a LOT of things wrong with this story.

First, his scenes were to be with Virginia Madsen, an Oscar nominated actress who is hot as hell. Huh?

Second, his objection was based on the fact that he is "a family man and a catholic." Huh? I won't get into the usual science and logic about myths and fairy tales and superstitions. But what in the name of a merkin does that have to do with "acting?" He's not carrying on an affair with Madsen, which just happens to be filmed. Or actually fucking her, therefore breaking his marriage vows, in front of a bunch of cameramen and PAs, in a bedroom which only has three walls and no ceilings. See, because just like that bedroom is pretend, and not real, so is the sex and intimacy. I doubt Scoundrels is a prime time remake of The Brown Bunny.

Third, while some might view McDonough's moral, family and religious objections as admirable, what's he's objecting to can be somewhat selective. Remember his last major TV role, as Dave Williams on Desperate Housewives? There, he strangled a dude and burned his body, starting a nightclub fire, which he later blamed on one of the Scavo's rugrats. He tried to shoot Katherine with a hunting rifle, and later attempted to strangle her. That plan didn't work, so he then set his sights on killing Susan's kid, MJ. sum up: "fake sex" is verboten and objectionable. "Fake murder" of women and children? A-OK!

Take a look at some of Neal's other roles:
  • He was in the catastrophically awful Linday Lohan "amputee stripper" movie!
  • He was a serial killer in an awful Al Pacino flick.
  • He was a casino owning meth dealer in the Walking Tall remake.
You get the idea. Those things are all fine and "moral," but pretending to make out with Virginia Madsen is where he draws the line.

Whenever McDonough popped up in a role, I always enjoyed his performances. He brought depth and intensity to projects like Minority Report, Band of Brothers and Boomtown. Now, when I see him, all I'll think is "fucking moron."

Also, this:

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