Friday, March 19, 2010

FlashForward returns. Audience goes "meh" and I agree

When FlashForward started, it looked like it might be ABC's successor to Lost. It had an intriguing premise, a talented cast and showrunners who knew a thing or two about creating genre fiction. I watched, but it grew increasingly tedious during its first run of episodes in the fall, before going off the air for a while. During the hiatus, they changed showrunners twice, and the series returned last night with a two hour episode determined to provide some answers and kick start the drama.

I gave it a whirl, and indeed, they did provide some answers, as well as tone down some of the more irritating aspects of their lead characters, but the whole thing left me rather flat. Apparently, other viewers agreed, as less than 7 million of them tuned in. I'll keep watching for the time being, to see if it picks up at all, but with several other shows returning on the same night that I'm far more passionate about (like Supernatural and Fringe), I don't know how long FlashForward will stay on the season pass list.


  1. It did look like this sick show visited the show doctor during its haitus but I don't think it can be saved. I am really tired of the voiceover popping up all over the place now so I did not care for that change. Looks like its going to be more soap and less sci-fi. Stike two! Let's see what kind of two strike hitter Flash Fowards is.

  2. Great baseball analogy (and opening day can't get here soon enough).

    And ye gods, did we need Billy from Ally McBeal "pulling a Mohinder" and boring us to death with his soporific voiceover? Right there with ya on that, though there are still some effective uses of the technique (for example, Dexter's VOs never fail to entertain and amuse me).