Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Snowpocalypse

So....this happened:

In the past 15 or so hours, we've been hit with almost 3 feet of snow. Unshaven weathermen are calling it an actual "blizzard" (and not the good kind, from DQ, with cookies and M&Ms in it). There are 30 MPH+ winds, and the rare occurrence of "thundersnow" (where thunder and lightening happen during a snowfall. There was a flash so bright it woke me up at 5 AM). A state of emergency has been declared. Roads are closed and virtually everything has been shut down.

So what does this mean for me? Well, it could be worse, I guess. I went to the store recently, so I'm fairly well stocked with chips, microwave dinners, coffee, cigs and whiskey (you know, the staples). My power is not out. I have intertoobz service. There's cat food for the kids. BUT...

I have no TV. (I'll pause while you gasp in horror).

This started back on Tuesday, during the second hour of the much anticipated premiere of Lost, (of course it did). My dish and equipment is getting old (and regular readers will remember the completely wonky, "cable up 3 stories" set up I had to jury-rig back in the day) and the weather certainly hasn't been cooperating. Thanks to some twitter friends and some downloading, I finished "LA X" (and wasn't that mind-blowingly awesome?), and service came back Wednesday morning, and all was fine until last night, as the snow started accumulating on the dish itself. With time for Caprica approaching, I kept running down to the courtyard (where the dish is) to splash the snowy dish with hot water, sweep off the building snow, and spray the thing with Pam in the hope that nothing would stick to it. All that worked for a few hours, until I went to bed. I woke up this morning to the picture you see above (and no reception, obviously). I made a passing attempt to go down to the dish again, but...damn. The snow on the ground is up to my ass. The dish was fucking CAKED with snow. I brushed it off, but as of now, I'm still shit out of luck.

I do have the fine folks from DirecTV coming Tuesday, weather permitting, to figure all this out for me AND finally connect that long-awaited HD upgrade, but for the time being, I live in a world without live TV. Good thing there's not a major sporting event this weekend. Oh, wait...

I have a fairly decent stockpile of miscellaneous shows built up on the TiVo to tide me over, along with a formidable DVD library, but you know what? This SUCKS.

Still, it could be more gruesome, I suppose. If the web went down, or the computer crashed, I'd just go bury myself in a snow bank.

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  1. This has got to be some karmaic retribution for you watching that Lost opener and violating your previously sacrosanct rule about such behavior. Live and learn. So say we one, so say we all.