Friday, February 12, 2010

I think I'll try brevity...and other musings

The posting around these parts has slowed down the last couple of months, and I wish I could put my finger on exactly why. It's not like I haven't been writing or haven't had anything to say. I put together over 6,000 words on the Lost season premiere, but it lacked and thematic connective tissue, so I scrapped it (and really, if you're a Lostie, by now you've already read everything there is to digest about "LA X"). I had a nice piece called "diary of a nervous breakdown," but it didn't really have a resolution, so into the trash it went. I kept a journal on my adventures with satellite reception during The Snowpocalypse, but it was depressing (and still ongoing), so it never made it out of draft. I got halfway through a post-mortem on the flawed but brilliant Dollhouse, but never finished. I started a write up on my experiences and opinions regarding two touchstone TV series that I only recently got around to viewing (The Wire and Friday Night Lights), but I bailed about halfway though the writing. (Spoiler Alert: I really liked them). I also had a post put together on my inability to cancel my subscription to the Baltimore Sun, but it's also not resolved (Spoiler Alert: I quit paying, told them I didn't want it, but I'm still getting it! Yay! More coverage of lacrosse, the Ravens and overpriced and ineffectual government! Of course, the latter part I know, since I just watched The Wire). I was assembling a running diary and professional analysis of the Super Bowl commercials, but lost interest when it turned out that 90% of them (charitably) sucked out loud and should be considered a waste of money. (Does it say anything about the ads that the only two I remember clearly a week later are the Tebow ad, more for the pre-airing controversy and the fact that I despise this overhyped, simple-minded, uninformed future NFL washout with every fiber of my being, and which happily enough, was one of the least watched aired all game; and the borderline misogynistic Dodge ad, which didn't really make me want a Dodge as much as it did make me chuckle because it was brilliantly narrated by an Emmy-worthy actor who plays a serial killer?)

So is it just frustration? Busy with other things? Twittering too much? Getting started with topics that require more verbosity and scope than I can muster at the present, and over-shooting my mood? Not sure.

Therefore, for sanity's sake, and for those of you who still show up here with some regularity (thanks to all ten of you!), I'll try to push through this cloud of ennui, get my shit together, and not try to write Ulysses or Atlas Shrugged every time I have a thought on a TV show or a reaction to the new Domino's pizza (Spoiler Alert: it's better!)

In that spirit, a few musings:

What the fuck is wrong with people? Better Off Ted (presumably) aired its last episode, and ABC can't find a home for it on the schedule. Another riotously hilarious comedy, Archer (on FX) is drawing less 1 million viewers. Don't people know funny anymore?

Speaking of which, who's with me in thinking that the best of NBC's Thursday comedies are now Parks & Recreation and Community? 30 Rock still makes me laugh on occasion. And I've never been a big fan of the "cringe comedy" of The Office. (Though unlike many fans, I don't think Jim and Pam have turned into insufferably smug assholes. I just automatically tune out a show when it becomes all about PREGNANCY and BABIES. Though those subjects do usually turn people into insufferably smug assholes. Ugh).

I have no interest whatsoever in watching the Olympics. I think I got turned off a while ago by all the prepackaged "human interest" stories that made every athlete out to be some kind of Dickensian urchin overcoming adversity. (Which is the same reason I don't watch Idol until they get to the finals, and even then fast forward to the singing and Cowell comments. I don't like to watch "real" people, except when they're doing what they're supposed to be doing. I only like fictional people saying things that are scripted for them).

I have an exchange program going on with someone dear who shares 99% of my taste in and appreciation of quality television programming (this is the person who turned me on to The Wire). My well received recommendations thus far have included BSG, Spaced and The Middleman. Shows I'm considering for the next suggestion: Farscape, Supernatural, Buffy and Friday Night Lights. What would you pimp out next?

So glad Lost is back. All the hardship I've had to go through to watch both episodes (part of The Snowpocalypse story) has been worth it. (New all-purpose addition to pop culture quotage: "I'll be in the food court if you need me.")

Why is Caprica not getting better ratings? This show is rich, extraordinarily well written and well acted and thought provoking. Don't let any possible bitter taste you have over the ending of BSG (which, naturally, I have a complex relationship with) keep you from watching. It's not in space, it's different, but it's FRAKKIN' GOOD.

Okay, I didn't exactly succeed with my goal of brevity. But I'll be back soon.


  1. Good to have you "back"!

    In the spirit of brevity...

    Caprica is awesome.

    Better off Ted is dying WAY too soon.

    Will you be doing the Idol recaps? I've already picked my Idol girlfriend for this year.

  2. Glad to see another Caprica fan! Evidently, we are few (at least among Nielsen families).

    I view Ted as a "spiritual successor" to Arrested Development (more for the tone and humor than anything else). I know that this is right in my comedy wheelhouse, and what I want from a sitcom. Sadly, I also know this isn't what all viewers want, and this makes me sad. Somebody should really try to bring this style to HBO or Showtime (actually, Party Down on Starz is probably the closest).

    I may do some quickie recaps on Idol. And didn't you admit that your Idol girlfriend is the paramour of The Tebow Child? Wow. That's like having Juliet on Lost wind up with Frogurt.

  3. Nope...check the update. I was saved by my very favorite commenter...Anonymous.

  4. I'm in love with Caprica, as well. Thank goodness I listened to you and watched it without having seen BSG.

    I enjoy Ted, but I have to admit that Community is my favorite comedy. And then, of course, there's Glee. I don't really know what Glee is, except for AWESOME.

    And Dominos pizza really is better than it used to be, except for the sauce -- which tastes like tomato paste. Everything else about it is way better than it was, though. And thank goodness that's so, because it's the only place that will deliver since I moved to the country.

  5. Glad you're enjoying Caprica too. I think all the Nielsen viewers have posted here. :)

    Totally with you on Community. It's my "favorite" of the Thursday comedies (and only Ted, Archer and any scene involving Ron Swanson on Parks & Rec make me laugh more).