Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'll take potpourri for $6,900, Alex

In honor of gluttony, football and the subjugation of indigenous peoples, how about an overstuffed potpourri roundup?

A Buffy quiz. Oddly, when I took it, I thought I was a perfect 20 for 20. However, there appeared to be one or two of the "correct" answers coded incorrectly. See how you do and if you have any complaints.

A really good list of the 15 Best Sci-Fi movies of the Aughts.

10 sci-fi books that should be made into movies.

A good podcast interview with Alexis Denisof (Buffy & Angel's Wesley, also appearing on Dollhouse for a return engagement soon as Sen. Perrin). Starts around 23 minutes in.

20 movie inspired band names.

10 Best "Box Office Bombs" of the Aughts. (And I FLOVE 6 of them).

Mo Ryan chats with the lovely and talented Morena Baccarin. (And wasn't the V finale pretty cool? Still not at Lost or BSG levels, but improving, no?)

Cinematical takes another look at the disappointing X-Files movie
. (which, for the record, I thought was a great character study and beautifully shot, and would have made a great episode).

Interesting viewer take on the "Wheels" episode of Glee in an "Ask Matt" column from TV Guide (scroll about halfway down). I'm so sick of politically correct bullshit. So actor Kevin McHale has to be in a wheelchair to play a character in a wheelchair? Really? I can't believe people raised a stink about this. I'm disappointed Morena Baccarin doesn't eat rodents in real life. How horrible that Stephen Moyer doesn't subsist only on blood. Wait, Terry O'Quinn wasn't really healed by a magical island? Oh, however can he play this role? Jim Parsons isn't a physicist? Sam Waterson isn't a lawyer? Zach Levi doesn't have a computer in his head? Bill Paxton doesn't have three wives? How can we believe this??? What about the verisimilitude?

SI's big college football survey is pretty damned interesting. Check out the SEC section.

Interview with cast and creator of one of the best, and most underrated, sci-fi shows out there, Farscape.

Funny, how times change on TV.

A goodbye to Dollhouse, including a link to a stupendously wrongheaded assessment of Whedon by Lisa De Moraes.

30 killer closing movie lines

I love Richard Dawkins and I love Hermione Granger, but.......ew.

Movie marquee FAIL.

Roland Emmerich is a schlockmeister supreme, but I like his take on organized religion.

AV Club's Best TV Shows of the Aughts. And their list of the Best Episodes (from shows not on the "Best Show" list).

Terry Gilliam, who was one of many auteurs once attached to filming Watchmen, offers his thoughts on Zack Snyder's adaptation. (See my thoughts on the "Ultimate Cut" here).

The NY Times ethicist wishes for a more reasonable dialogue about religion.

Is Kirk Cameron Dr. Horrible? (I find a more compelling argument for the Freeze Ray).

Uni-Watch looks at the 9 worst sports uniforms ever (My eyes! My eyes!) Further down, you will find a link to some fan suggestions for improved NFL unis for teams that have junked theirs up. I particularly like the suggestion for the Falcons. (Please, no more white on white. I hate white on white).

Paste has their take on the 20 Best TV shows of the Aughts. Their readers compile a list, too.

Paste also has a list of the 10 Best Internet Memes of the Aughts.

Will JJ Abrams take on one of my favorite childhood toys - The Micronauts - as a big screen movie? (It was also an underrated Marvel comic, too).

Speaking of "toy movies," the Peter Berg Battleship movie suddenly sounds much more interesting.

I haven't yet seen Transformers 2, but this FAQ makes me want to revel in its awfulness.

Discover looks at the 5 Best and 5 Worst "science-based" movies.

Yes, all the Browncoats squeed when Castle donned his Halloween costume. But did you see something else in the background?

Did anyone else realize that Anthony Stewart Head auditioned for The Devil on Reaper (a role that eventually went to, and was well played by, Ray Wise)?

Gallery of an artist who paints dolls to look like famous characters and actors. Astonishing.

15 Funniest Animated Sports GIFs.

IMDB's Top 250 Movies of All Time, plotted on a map.

The 10 Most Cliched Character Types in Sci-Fi.

That should be enough to keep you busy as you watch bad football, overeat and overimbibe, and nod in and out of consciousness on your couch. Happy Turkey Day, Y'all!

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