Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving thanks....from the future

Just about every blogger has put up posts today listing all the things for which they are thankful. Honestly, this has been a shit year, and my list would undoubtedly inspire unsolicited calls from the suicide hotline. Fortunately, with the aid of a Summer Glau-resembling cyborg, a frozen donkey wheel, an annoying Japanese comic-book fan, the Guardian of Forever and Marty McFly, I've retrieved my "thankful" post from the 2010 version of my blog, and herewith present it to you:

What I'm Thankful For (November 25, 2010):

Joss Whedon just signed on to do a new genre show for Showtime.

Living back in the motherland of Georgia.

Aaron Murray, SEC freshmen of the year, and part of a 10-1 UGA team.

Atlanta Braves, National League champs, who captured the pennant with a 2.32 ERA and .245 team batting average.

That months later, we're all still noodling over the unbelievable, unexpected yet completely coherent Lost finale.

Continued efforts to realize (all of) the first amendment.

My new geeky girlfriend, who is into reading, blogging, football and a retina-burning volume of television watching. Our three biggest arguments to date? Proper etiquette for sneaking a flask of whiskey into a ball game; Better captain -- Kirk or Picard; and how many TiVos to have in the living room (2 or 4). Also, her preternatural sex drive.

Emmy wins for NPH, Jon Hamm (or Michael C. Hall, or Hugh Laurie), Jim Parsons and one of the Big Love Chicks. Nominations for Party Down, Sons of Anarchy, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, John Noble and Tim Roth.

That V and FlashForward both became more like Battlestar Galactica than Heroes.

Urban Meyer suffering through his first losing season at UF.

Troops are home, healthcare for all, lower taxes across the board and the supernatural has been removed from the process and institution of government.

Paul Johnson has taken his gimmick offense elsewhere, and Tech goes back to 3rd rate table scraps coaching.

Another season of Fringe, which keeps getting better and attracting more viewers.

The Falcons are in the middle of their unprecedented third winning season in a row.

SyFy puts on more shows that are, like, sci-fi.

Retired from sports broadcasting this year: Lou Holtz, Mark May, Bob Davie, Chris Berman, Shannon Sharpe, Terry Bradshaw, Chip Caray, Gus Johnson, Andre Ware, Matt Millen, Jon Gruden, Pam Ward, Stuart Scott.

Invention of the miracle bourbon, coffee, nicotine and cheese fries diet, which really works!

UGA's new DC reminds people of Erk Russell.

That random lottery ticket I picked up on whim at the liquor store hit, and the realization that vast wealth doesn't make me any more of an asshole than I already am.

No one has spoken about the "fake baby" on Glee in quite a while.

Tim Tebow went undrafted, was busted for crack possession and solicitation of a male prostitute, and never heard from again.

My oldest cat's sudden decision that he doesn't like people food, and is too lazy to jump on the table or the countertops.

The ability and mental wherewithal this year to stay in much better touch with my close, dear friends.


  1. Excellent list. I was disappointed to discover that I failed to meet one of your geeky girlfriend requirements. Could I make tasty snacks and refill your cocktail instead of watching while you watch football?

  2. Ha! I realize that for girlfriends, finding the Loch Ness Monster might be easier than assembling a Venn Diagram where "Geeky TV addict" overlaps with "manic football fan." Fortunately, football has a limited season where the other "qualifications" are applicable year round. So, excellent compromise! :-)