Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'll take potpourri for $6,600, Alex

Warning: Objects in this blog are closer than they appear.

Mark Sheppard, one of the best character actors on TV today (Badger! Tanaka! Manservant Neville! Romo Lampkin!) explains his plan to take over the world.

Oh dear lord. MUST HAVE. The Big Damn Serenity.

A fun look at some obscure Google logos.

Some gorgeous designs for the Nautilus. If you're rebooting 20,000 Leagues, you should start here.

Top 75 spaceships in movies and TV. Great list, with pictures!

15 Most atrocious movie accents. (of course Costner is on it).

Have we outgrown the need for "belief?"

Most CSI fans are happy about Sara returning and Riley leaving. I, however, am not among them. I can't stand Jorja Fox as an actress, and never liked the Sara character. I was hoping she would get stung by one of Gil's exotic insects in the jungle and die. And I was quite fond of Riley's quirky CSI and think Lauren Lee Smith is adorable. (Google her, safe search off, and most guys should agree).

Pop Candy brought back the "favorite R.E.M. song" topic this week, based on a Top 20 list from Paste. I've addressed this subject before, which you can find here, and I have to agree more with Whitney's list than the one from Paste. Plus, any list skips Chronic Town (Box Cars) AND has the accursed "Swan Swan H" at number three (on a list of "good" songs!) makes my head want to explode.

SI writer Jeff Pearlman takes on last week's SI cover boy, the carnival snake handling cult leader and pulpit pusher (and occasional fullback/awkward thrower of the ball) from Gainesville. I run hot and cold with some of Pearlman's opining, but I like this one. Here's a follow up.

Along similar lines, hypocrisy gets fatter. Yes, McMackin's comments were stupid, close-minded and thoughtless, no question. But for Weis, representing an organization that institutionalizes bigotry and actively seeks to prevent equal legal rights for people who differ philosophically with their myth-making, to take "offense" is vomit-inducing. Fittingly, that's about the only "offense" to come out of South Bend in quite some time.

Having trouble finding "original" television theme songs? I know I was, until I stumbled across this marvelous website. Kudos, sir.

A good list of 10 great sci-fi novels. (Needs Dune and Hitchhiker, though).

I'm more Libertarian and Objectivist than most, but this "How to succeed as an Ayn Rand character" flowchart cracks me up.

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