Saturday, April 18, 2009

Talkin' TV about "Some Like It Hoth"

The most recent Lost episode, "Some Like It Hoth," aired Wednesday, and yesterday fellow blogger Scott (see "The Stuff of Legend") and I got virtually together to chat about the episode.

We've both been doing pretty exhaustive musings on each ep of the show, and thought it would be interesting to combine our brainpower and keyboards to discuss "Hoth." You can read our chat transcript at the link below, and see how we feel about:
  • Kate offering comfort to Roger Linus (THANKS, KATE!)
  • My Juliet crush.
  • When Jughead will appear, and who will be "Trashcan Man."
  • Miles and his daddy issues.
  • Best quotes of the episode.
  • Who throws a better punch: Sawyer, or Woody Hayes?
  • What's with the rabbits?
  • The biggest nitpick of the episode: how freakin' hard is it to spell "bounty hunter?"
  • Is there a "third team" in play?
  • Plus, quotes from The Godfather and Malice.

Yeah, it's long and tangential, but we had a good time, and hopefully, you will too.


No new Lost next week, but then we get back to the island with "The Variable."

Until then, Namaste.

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