Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I wonder if that's how they would fix a pacemaker or an iron lung?

(Both of which, I will probably need).

Spent SEVERAL hours chatting with various tech support folks in order to work out the kinks in a suddenly AWOL* internet connection. The PC people. The docking station people. The cable people. The router people. And surprisingly, they were all concerned and (relatively) helpful. But after a clusterfuck of multiple phone calls, digging deeply into settings and configurations, resinstalls and multiple restarts, you know what fixed it? Unplugging EVERYTHING and just "letting it sit" for a while, and then plugging it all back in.

*I had to explain the situation each time, laughing out loud at myself for sounding like a drug addled, lonely nincompoop: "Well, everything was fine this morning. I was online, at the router configuration page, tweaking my settings in order to get greater wi-fi performance when I connect to my network via blackberry, when my cat decided he wanted a drink of my coffee, and jumped on my keyboard. His paws hits a few keys, and then the next thing you know, my router configuration was changed and saved, and I couldn't get back into it. The entire network shut down, and I haven't been able to connect. I questioned the cat, and even threatened waterboarding, but he didn't know what the new settings are, nor what the original settings were. Can you help?"

Yeah, it's been that kind of day.

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  1. Sorry, dude....I know it's not funny. But that is hilarious.

    I say your cat is holding out on you. Take away his Crown and see what happens.