Saturday, March 7, 2009

Uh Oh

Bad news for the FOX Friday night sci-fi block of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse:

T:TSCC hits rock bottom (and is pronounced "dead" by the Hollywood Reporter) and Dollhouse drops (again).


Both had strong creative outings last night, and the Terminator numbers are particularly disappointing, given how exciting the remainder of the season looks (click for badass highlights shown recently at WonderCon).

It will be interesting to see the FOX spin on the numbers. If I recall correctly, I think all the season's episodes for both shows have already been shot. Will the network continue to air them, or pull them for Cops or House repeats or something else, and exile our geeky favorites to limbo (like ABC did with Pushing Daisies)?


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  1. Watchmen was 100% better than any of the other Moore graphic novels brought to "life" (that said, it could have been a huge pile of crap and still better than League). Some nice nods to the source material (for obvious reasons its not 100% true). It will definitely find a place on the DVD shelf when the time comes.