Sunday, March 1, 2009

Love and Hate and College Football

Some interesting college football and UGA links for your perusal and debate:

Scouts, Inc. looks at, and ranks, the impact of early enrollees. It's an ESPN Insider piece, so if you can't see it, here's the takeway for UGA:
1. Georgia: With QB Matthew Stafford gone, senior Joe Cox is the likely starter. But the Dawgs were the only school to sign two top-10 quarterbacks, and both are already enrolled. Aaron Murray, our No. 3 quarterback, and Zach Mettenberger (No. 9), will push Cox this spring. Murray has the 2009 quarterback class' best, fastest release, and Brett Favre-type moxie. Mettenberger is more of a pocket passer -- but he's a tremendous pocket passer. The Dawgs' third early enrollee, lineman Dallas Lee (our No. 15 guard), could play on either side of the ball. Coaches will at least have the spring to figure it out. We like the physical brawler more on offense.
AJ Green says some nice things about Joe Cox.

The AJC's Mark Bradley compiles a list of the SEC's "most irritating" coaches. Mark Richt number 5? Really? The "holy roller" act wears a little thin, especially with me, but as Gob Bluth would say, "Come On!" And yes, Lane Kiffykins is number 1 with a bullet, but sanctimonious assmunch Urban Meyer has to be number 2.

SI's Andy Staples looks at the "destination jobs" for college coaching. UGA falls into the "Gold Standard," along with some other SEC schools. What's considered "Platinum?" Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas, and USC. I find it laughable that no SEC school is considered "platinum," given the quality of the football, the TV deal, the perennial national championship contention, the recruiting classes, the depth and breadth of the coaching talent, the profitability and the rich history and traditions across the board.

Here's another interesting SI piece that looks at where the schools get their recruits geographically. Lots of good info in there, so click around. Also, here's UGA's map on google maps.

Finally, ESPN's Mark Schlabach and Ivan Maisel look at things they love, and things they hate, about college football. There is a CMR mention in the "love," list, but it also features (holding back gag urge) Tebow and Paul Johnson. In the "hate" list, of course you'll find the BCS, but also interesting takes on the "death of radio" and conference alignments. Interesting stuff.

Other things I would add to the "hate list:"
  • The inordinate media focus on Notre Dame (though I do enjoy schadenfreude).
  • Tebow.
  • FOX's coverage of the BCS games.
  • Lou Holtz and Mark May (Rece Davis must have the patience of Job).
  • 12:30 kickoffs.

Anything to add to either list?

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