Thursday, January 8, 2009

Conference pride? Or white hot enmity?

Well, the day is here for the mythical national championship game. And the age old question returns: do you want a bitter conference rival to win, for "conference pride?" Or does your hatred for them run so deep that you don't care about conference bragging rights, and just want to see the object of your antipathy ground into a fine paste?

My team is out of the equation, so why should I care, really? Maybe the whole "conference" issue is more of a southern thang, but I do believe it has taken on more prominence in recent years, with the rise of the blogosphere, ESPN's endless touting of conference bowl records and the epic FAILs of certain conferences on the big stage. And I've always had mixed feelings about it. Of course I think the best football in the country is played in the SEC. I pulled for LSU to win last year's MNC game. Despite the fact that Nick Saban is a huge asshat, I would have been actively pulling for 'Bama to win against Oklahoma tonight (should they have beaten the Jorts in the SECCG). I pulled for all the SEC teams in their bowl games, even the Chickens. (A total conference support record was probably aided by the fact that UT - number one on my shit list -- didn't go bowling this year). But this last game is challenging my conference loyalty.

I have nothing against Oklahoma, and I despise Florida with every fiber of my being. I hate no coach past or present (and yes, that includes Spurrier) the way I do the smug, sanctimonious Urban Meyer. And there is no player I loathe more than the over-hyped, holier-than-thou Tim Tebow.

So what to do while relaxing with a fine, potent beverage tonight watching the game? At the end of the day, seething hatred probably overcomes SEC chest-beating, and I will be pulling for the Sooners to completely dismantle the despised Jorts. (Sadly, my head tells me those rooting interests will be in vain).


  1. I have the advance of posting in hindsight. Florida did not look like a national chamnpion last night. If the Sooners had not totally gagged and left at least 10 if not 14 points lying on the turf in the first half, Florida would not be national champion. All a long way to say USC should be the national champion. One loss, just like the Jorts, and the most impressive win of the bowl season, a start to finish domination of a very good Penn State team.

  2. I wasnt sure which would win out, the hatred of the Gators or the conference allegiance. But in the fouth quarter, when the game was tight, I definitely found myself pulling for the Sooners.