Friday, October 31, 2008

Technical updates for y'all

Two quick "tech things" for TNRLM readers:

1) Is everyone getting their regular RSS feeds for the blog okay? I noticed something was hinky with feedburner early in the week, but it appears to be straightened out now. Let me know in the comments or via the email link on the right side if you've been having problems (and perhaps I'll come to your home and personally read the posts to you).

2) Your geeky editor has added a new toy to the blog:

You'll notice this little button at the end of each post. It's the "AddThis" button, and makes it easier than ever to share the content here with friends. If it works like it should, you just put your mouse over it and you'll get a drop down menu that will let you share these brilliant musings with others you love.

Oh, and just for good measure: Gators suck.

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