Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'll take potpourri for $3,300, Alex

Settle in for a long (and interesting!) collection of news, miscellany and tidbits, y'all. My Google notebook floweth over.

In addition to starring in an upcoming Dick Wolf show, Starbuck will guest on Law & Order.

I'm sure you've seen the teaser for the next season of Lost. Here are the titles for the first 6 eps!

I don't have a dog in the hunt in the World Series, but this could almost make me pull for the Phils.

How is the universe going to end? (I thought it may have happened when Arrested Development got cancelled, during the first half of the Bama game, or when my house got destroyed by itinerant, trollopy gypsies, but here are some alternate theories).

5 best Atari 2600 games
! Man, I loved the faux wood paneled console, and a controller with just a joystick and a button.

The 25 cheesiest hits of the 70s. Awesome.

Stewie Mandel has something nice to say about Dawgs fans.

Hot new SMG photoshoot. Yowza.

Speaking of which, here's a "where are they now" feature about the cast of Buffy.

Effete party boys weep. Zima is no more.

Funny fake Twitter feeds.

If you don't like the hockey team, unleash the dildos!

I assume these are very popular in Columbus, GA.

When you're a former stripper and drug addict, of course Simon Cowell is to blame. (Paula just said "you really took that 8-ball and made it yours, and wrapped it in a rainbow of your special you-ness.")

A completely geeky BSG home computer.

Perhaps someone didn't get this early learnin' in the art of making checklists.

This makes me want to ride a bus. Or donate money to a bus advertising campaign.

Christina Hendricks in black
. Nice. Speaking of space vixens, I was watching a random episode of Numb3rs this week, and caught the gorgeous Morena Baccarin (now with cute as pie short hair) in a guest starring role. As a hooker. (though one without her own shuttle or mysterious syringe). In a Whedonverse connection, DB Woodside (Robin Wood) was also in the ep.

Mad Men, in delightful illustrations. (Season finale tomorrow!) And play Mad Men Jeopardy!

A must see: "Truthful TV Title Cards." Funny.

Top 10 obscure Google tricks. How many did you know? (I knew 2).

Okay, now that the CrackBerry has FINALLY announced a release date for my beloved Bold, they tease us with an upcoming model that has a full qwerty keyboard AND a touchscreen. Dammit.

"Global warming?" Still crap.

Sheriff Carter gets a new love interest on Eureka, and it's Mindy O'Dell!

I've turned several friends on to the fantastic political website, 538, which blends statistical baseball analytical principles with polling and electoral college wonkery. Here's a great profile of the man behind it all, Nate Silver.

20 most awesome sci-fi theme songs.

Who is playing for the massive government bailout? Probably not most taxpayers. On a related note, I think the founding fathers had it right: "Madison and others therefore made it a "first object of government" to protect personal property from unjust confiscation." That "unjust confiscation" also includes the imperial federal government, too, asshats. Who wants to dump tea in a harbor with me?

The 10 least intimidating college mascots. Aaaaah! A duck! With no pants! And no one knows what the fuck a "hokie" is. At least the tree gets drunk on a regular basis. Of course, there's always college's BEST mascot as a counterbalance.

A sci-fi version of the Odyssey. When I was a kid, and writing and illustrating my own comic books, I did the exact same thing, in graphic novel format. I should have copyrighted that shit.

The GOP has to get its ass kicked, in order to return to a party of reason. Hopefully, the coming electoral debacle will spur the party of low taxes and limited government to return to its roots, and ditch the neocons and theocrats.


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  2. I loves me some 2600 Space Invaders and Pitfall Harry but I can not believe the Space Shuttle game didn't make this list. It was probably the most advanced 2600 game ever produced. It has a cardboard template to place over the top of the console and this allowed the slide buttons on the back to be part of the required button pushing. Graphics were incredible too. Did you ever play it?