Saturday, August 9, 2008

OCD Movie Heaven!

Remember this post, about wanting a DVD cataloging application? Well, after some research, I settled on one: DVD Profiler.

Holy shit, is this thing awesome. Once you install the app, it draws from extensive online databases to populate virtually everything you would want to know about each DVD. Actors, writers, directors, genres, ratings, special features, packaging, suggested retail price, easter name it. You can conduct searches by every conceivable variable to find exactly what you're in the mood for, too. It even has a "library" feature, so you can keep track of DVDs that are loaned out to friends. Unreal.

Entering movies into your library is unbelievably easy. Just punch in the UPC code from the back, and it recognizes the DVD quickly. (And if that doesn't work -- which only happened once or twice for me -- just enter in the title and choose the release edition you have).

Here's a screen shot of the basic app (click the pix to embiggen):

It also features a cool "scroller" gadget, where you can breeze through all the DVD covers:

And you can print reports to keep handy, in case you're too lazy to walk over to the PC to see what's in the library:

And you can run various reports about your collection. Here are a few from mine:

All movies listed by genre. Hmmm. More comedies than I would have thought. I wonder if it counts that last Matrix movie as one?

By rating. No surprise about the "Rs."

Apparently, I'm very fond of movies produced in 2003.

According to the SRP, I've spent over 8 grand on DVDs. Damn.

All in all, a very worthwhile and user friendly accessory for the OCD movie geek. Two thumbs up.


  1. There doesn't seem to be no way to import data already stored. I did the "I was bored and created a spreadsheet," one evening. Granted it needs to be updated, however, would have been much easier to just import that.

    Then again, why bitch about freeware.

  2. The "entering the UPC" code method is surprisingly easy. I entered 250+ titles while having a cocktail and watching "Monk" last night. You just put in the numbers, and all the rest is automatic. However, there are methods for exporting your database as a CSV file. Perhaps there are ways to bring it in as a CSV (though field mapping might be a bitch).

    And it's freeware for up to 50 titles. $29 after that for unlimited use -- including on multiple machines.