Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bowl game urinal, now front and center

Remember this post? How I was worried about my alma mater, the Number One Fucking Team in the Land, succumbing to the dreaded "SI Cover Jinx?"

Well, I got to the mailbox today, eagerly anticipating seeing my beloved Dawgs on the cover, and what do I find but this:

Ohio State? Perennial victims of violent SEC date rape in BCS games? When UGA is number one? I understand that fantasy mags and CF preseason rags alter their covers to sell in the local markets, but you're kidding me, right? I'm only about 12 hours north the motherland, and I get subjected to this?

On the upside, I can now easily talk myself into the theory that this acts as an "Ennervate." (Also known as a counter-spell to "Stupefy" -- possibly comparable to the SI Jinx -- in Harry Potter lingo).

1 comment:

  1. I knew there were going to be regional covers, but it was my understanding the national cover (unless you were in Ohio, or SoCal, or a couple of other places where the regional covers were to be used) was going to be the Dawgs.

    While not as geographically challenged as yourself, I do not see how Maryland has any more in common with Ohio than with Georgia.

    However, I will construe this as negating the SI cover jinx, since obviously a number of teams come into play.