Saturday, July 19, 2008

Picture This

A few random images:

I posted a while ago about the brilliant design and production of the Mad Men Season 1 DVD set (not to mention the brilliance contained within the ersatz Zippo on the red DVDs). Here's a picture of the set, along with the limited edition Mad Men Zippo (#333 -- good juju for me, as 3 is one of my "lucky" numbers!) that I bought myself for my b-day.

Another recent blog lament was about my love for crushed ice, and the fact that I can't easily get it straight from my fridge door. Well, here was my solution - another lovely gift to myself. A mini standalone ice crusher. Not convenient enough to use for every single glass of DC or Crown every single serving, but a nice treat. It crushes the ice so finely, it reminds me of the tiny "pellet" ice I so loved from Guthrie's or Long John Silver's back in the day. You can also see the one two punch of my caffeine addiction: the Grind-N-Brew for full pots and the Keurig for cup at a time.'m enjoying a giant size mug of sumatra now).

I've referenced the lake beside my shitbox before, and here are a few shots of it. Probably not a bad place to drown yourself if your coffeemaker or ice crusher breaks.

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