Sunday, July 27, 2008

More tidbits from Comic-Con

Nothing like waking up to a Reader full of juicy, geeky goodness. Here ya go:

Six awesome new Watchmen posters. Make sure to look at 'em all, because they're that good. Everyone else as excited about this flick as I am? I had my doubts at first when I heard they were making a movie, because I didn't feel it would be possible to put the entire thing on screen in the time allotted for a theatrical release (which could run as much as 3 hours, and potentially longer on the DVD). I thought an epic 8 to 12 hour miniseries on Showtime or HBO would be the way to go, but Zack Snyder's faithfulness to the original tome gives me hope.

Heroes screens the first hour of the season premiere. All I can say is that they got some makin' up to do, after that last season. If we spend hours wandering around Mexico with Maya and her dark eyes of doom, I might just hit "delete this season pass." SPOILERS from that footage.

Interview with
The Middleman.

Not much in the way of revelations, but for all the Losties out there:
The Sarah Connor Chronicles will pick up next season just a few minutes after Cameron's vehicle 'spolded. More here.

Speaking of Terminators, I certainly wasn't filled with confidence when I heard they were making a 4th movie, brought to us by "the director of Charlie's Angels!" However, getting the late Stan Winston on board for design work and casting Christian Bale as an adult John Connor helps. I'm willing to give it a chance, and its seems like they're taking it seriously. Check out some coverage here (big ass T-600!) and here (more big ass T-600!).

No, we didn't learn the identity of the final Cylon at the BSG panel. But you can find lots of Galactica goodness here and here and here, and Eric Stoltz from Caprica, here.

Get your fill of all things on Joss's new show:

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  1. I stopped watching the Chronicles, but may have to start again - Shirley Manson from Garbage has been added to the cast...