Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'll take potpourri for $2,200, Alex

You can read all about my take on the Emmy nominations here. TWOP has posted a gallery of things they're pissed about here. (having a shot of Mary McDonnell at the top of the feature just about sums it up).

I just discovered Google Notebook. What an awesome tool. Works seamlessly with Firefox, Google Reader and all the other online toys.

Stop making me wait, motherfuckers.

NPH has a chat with the Washington Post, and talks about Dr. Horrible, HIMYM and more.

Am I too old for this? Because it's just awesome.

Everyone enjoying the return of Psych? I know I am, and Friday's John Hughes love fest was no exception. Check out this season preview.

How do various heroes compare on a "wish fulfillment checklist?" You have to look over Io9's chart, complete with adorable icons for characters including Malcolm Reynolds, James T. Kirk, Paul Atredies, Spider-Man, Starbuck, Sarah Connor, The Doctor and others.

Mythbusters' Adam and Jamie debate the best movie FX. Not sure what Jamie's fascination with Baron Munchhausen is, but I gotta go with Adam on this one.

Great opening sentences from sci-fi books.

Tim Burton movies can be hit and miss for me (the less said about Planet of the Apes the better), but if he's doing Alice in Wonderland, he certainly hit the bullseye on the casting. This gal was electric and astonishing on In Treatment.

SI's Stewart Mandel on Coach Richt. I bought Mandel's book on CF, and look forward to reading that on the plane trips down the motherland for upcoming season.

Urban Meyer is a narcissistic douchepickle. But that's not exactly news.

I think from now on, I'll become a loyal customer of Accor Hotels.

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  1. I love Google Notebook! Did a class for high school teachers last year and they also thought it was great.