Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer Lovin' Part Deux

Previously, in my guide to good summer TV, I looked at the returning shows.

Now here's an overview of new shows that have potential.

New Shows

First out of the gate has been another quirky law-enforcement officer on USA, In Plain Sight. About halfway down this post, I offered a reason to watch that really won't apply to many, or any, of y'all. Having just watched the pilot this weekend, I can say IPS is an entertaining addition to the USA line up, and an enjoyable way to spend an hour. When you're taking on another cop show, they key is to build the show around a character (or characters) you want to come back for, even if the familiar elements and trappings of the genre are completely recognizable or tired. In Mary Shannon, IPS has an interesting and saucy character and I'm more than willing to give the show a chance. Here you can find two more takes on the pilot.

Swingtown debuted on Thursday, but I was having satellite issues, so I don't know if it recorded properly. (Hellacious storms knocked out my splitter. However, the good folks at DirecTV were kind enough to come fix that on Friday. If this had happened last Thursday, when the Lost finale was scheduled, I would have been suicidal). The set up sounds intriguing: couple moves into suburban neighborhood and gets involved in the sex and swinging of the 70s. Kind of The Ice Storm meets Desperate Housewives. What's not to love (other than the fashions, and liberal doses of brown, harvest gold and avocado in the set design)? Great music, organized by Liz Phair. The sexy Molly Parker, last seen on the late, modern classic Deadwood (and doing interesting things with a lollipop in The Center of the World), and the Pirates' movies underappreciated Norrington, Jack Davenport. If the show recorded properly, I'll check it out today, or try to find it online. I don't hold out hope that it will catch fire on CBS, so you should probably enjoy this while you can.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Yeah, I "read" this diary for about year in real life, but the television version offers much more promise. The show, imported from the UK, will air on Showtime and be paired with Weeds. Sounds like a good matchup. It stars Billy Piper, best known here as Doctor Who's Rose Tyler, as a high priced call girl, and is based on the real blogs of a London hooker known only as "Belle de Jour." You can check out the official Showtime site here, and it debuts on June 16.

Over on ABC Family, we have The Middleman. Javier Grillo-Marxuach, a writer for Lost, had the idea for a television show about the adventures of a chain of heroes known as the "Middleman," who "fight evil, so you don't have to." When the idea didn't immediately turn into a pilot, he executed the concept in comic books before ABC Family later decided to put it to film. From the descriptions, it appears to be good, tongue-in-cheek fun, and sort of an X-Files meets 50's serials. See more at the official site, here. It also premieres June 16.

Did I miss anything you're excited about?

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  1. We are planning to check out Fear Itself but we missed the first ep (I didn't realize it was already starting!)

    Keep us posted on the other shows & let us know if they are TivoWorthy!