Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'll take potpourri for $800, Alex

Carl Sagan's son looks at inventions of the future.

A video interview with James Callis about an EW photo shoot. Of course Baltar would wind up in Vegas. (poke around that site. There are other good BSG interviews there as well).

Speaking of BSG (which it seems I always am), my crackpot theory for the 5th and final cylon is Zak Adama. I'm staying away from spoilers, so it's just a wild guess. But I strongly believe it won't be PoppAdama or Lee. Or Starbuck or President Airlock. And a heretofore unknown character would be disappointing. We've had mentions of Zak in every season, though he hasn't really shown up. (He's dead, ya know). He has connections to all the central characters (save Roslin) and Leobon did say during the first season "Adama is a cylon." Of course, he didn't say which one. Just a thought.

A good education for the kids. I could have directed them to someplace closer, at only 553 miles, to get the same insight.

Ever pause the TiVo at the end of a Chuck Lorre show to read the vanity cards? They're really funny, and all collected here.

One of my favorite writers, Christopher Hitchens, on the Rev. Wright crap.

A new show coming on USA. The lead character is a federal marshal, named Mary Shannon. That would make her Marshal Shannon. Her partner is named Marshall Mann. Yep, he's Marshal Marshall. They really are asking me to watch, right?

Lost is going out with a THREE HOUR FINALE. Fuck Yeah!

Sci-Fi sound effects. With plenty of fun links to click and listen.

Monk's Dr. Kroger is dead.

Old-time sportswriting describes the Braves win over the hated Mets and Johan Santana.

Last night's Torchwood was spectacular. Full of depth, answers, backstory, drama and great performances. The flashback format has been done to death (and this ep bore a remarkable resemblance to Firefly's "Out of Gas") but when it's done right, it can really soar.

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