Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Top Three Meh

No long winded Idol recap for me last night. I'm tired, cranky and on the verge of traveling, so I sat on my couch, numbed by apathy, and fast forwarded through the bulk of the Top 3 performances. My suspicions about last night -- David C would be okay, Syesha would oversing something, and stuffed Koala bear would sing a sappy ballad -- all played out. Of course, that doesn't make me Nostradamus now does it?

Some random observations:
  • Syesha seems to have had some type of personality transplant, hasn't she? I think it's possible that her unctuous enthusiasm is even more annoying than her stoic divaness. Still, I enjoyed her take on "Fever" much more than the judges.
  • No offense to fans of the recently departed Dan Fogelberg, but is there any more boring and treacly ballad than "Longer?" And of course that's what the kewpie doll would sing.
  • Oddly, even with my loathing of ballads, my favorite performance was David C's version of "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face." That should tell you about my feelings on the night.
  • Did Simon really call the Aerosmith cringe-fest "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" one of the "great songs of all time?" Yeesh.
I would be hugely surprised if this season turns out to be anything other than the seemingly preordained David vs. David finale.

I'll be out of pocket for the next little while, so posting will be sparse. (And holy shit, I'm going to "miss" -- at least for a few days -- Lost and BSG and have to catch up on them later next week). I will try to "Tweet" occasionally, so check that out.

Back soon, peeps.


  1. Can't say as I disagree... This season of "best talent ever" has actually become rather predictable and boring. I love the sound of little Koala bear but there is NO substance. It is as though they are all just words with no meaning to him and he sings every song the same way. It's boring. Syesha is just too robotic, even in her enthusiasm. It's just not genuine. David is the real deal and has been from the very beginning.

    I was really annoyed at the judges obvious pushing for the Dave/Dave finale. God help Cook if he has to sing some gods awful "this is my dream" kind of song. Blech!

    Funny that you noted the comment Simon made about the Aerosmith song. Do you remember the season Diane Warren was on as a mentor? Simon practically crawled all over her. Apparently they are "old friends" but I always get the feeling he wants to have his way with her. I think that, and the fact that she was there, was the source of that comment.

    Hope your travels go well!

  2. I didn't realize that about Diane Warren. yes, she's a pop tunesmith and a successful one at that. I just find myself disliking her brand of power ballad (and I have a distinct fondness for pop cheese, but mostly if it's upbeat and doesn't contain a credit that reads "featuring").

    And you can bet your bottom dollar, David C is going to be stuck singing some ripe fondue of ballady dreams and wishes with lyrics that would seem to spring fresh from Paula's "mind."