Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our last trip to Craphole Island for 2008

Tonight brings the two hour season finale of Lost. Given the late hour at which it concludes, I probably won't have my thoughts up until Friday night or Saturday morning (hey, I wish I did this for a living), but here are a few things to whet your appetite for the "frozen donkey wheel:" *

EW's preview from Doc Jensen.

Also from EW, the season's best 15 moments.

A dueling list of Lost's 15 best episodes (h/t to Alan Sepinwall's TV blog). Like I did with BSG and Buffy, after the show is over, I'll probably compile a massive spreadsheet with rankings, but like these two authors, I'm totally in the bag for "The Constant" and the Penny and Des love story. They also appreciate the power, beauty and nuance of Elizabeth Mitchell's acting, and one of them actually digs "Expose" as I do.

Part two of a TV Guide interview with Michael Emerson (who also gives a brief preview of another show I'm highly anticipating, Alan Ball's True Blood).

*Lost geeks know what I'm talking about.

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