Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'll take potpourri for $1,300, Alex

EW's list of Best season finales. (give them some DAP for including geeky fare like Farscape, Buffy and BSG). I'm not still totally caught up on this year's finales -- and the Big One, Lost, is still to come next week -- but thus far the two best of the season have been The Office and House.

Starbuck will show up for an arc at McNamara/Troy.

An awesome alphabetical list of science fiction inventions.

A list of the Top 10 movie "macguffins.
" Related: another list of "elusive objects."

The "anatomy" of a cylon
, past and present, with great images. Be sure to check out part two.

Discussion of Indiana Jones' women. And a defense of the almost universally loathed Willie Scott. For the record, I agree with the writer. I think Willie gets a bad rap. The rest of the movie is so heavy and dark, I think Willie's complete fish out of water routine is a nice counter balance. And she was never intended to be a "replacement" for Marion (keep in mind that Temple of Doom was actually a prequel). Yeah, the shrieking "Innnnnddddyyyy!" can get to be a bit much, but I think she accurately portrays how a pampered nightclub singer would behave when thrust into that situation. Plus, that opening number of "Anything Goes" is hot.

The final "Idolatry" of the season. Nice homage to David Cook, good shots of my gal Carly, and the best line of the night about Archuletta: "He's a veal." (that is just priceless). BTW, I was very happy that my "coronation" post turned out to be completely wrong. 12 million votes? A landslide for Cookie? How awesome is that? I'm anxious to see what this guy does, and I'd be surprised if he doesn't approach the Carrie and Kelly levels of success.

A list of worthless additions to TV shows. A list I disagree with, partially. Of course, no one can argue with Scrappy Doo or the all time champ in this category, Cousin Oliver. And the brother and sister on Heroes were just awful. But I actually thought Nikki and Paulo had a funny and sly exit episode in "Expose." The addition of the characters may have been a miscalculation, but the way in which they were handled was great. But with other Lost fans, YMMV. I also liked Piz. And though Dawn could be annoying at time (okay, many times), I still think her mysterious and for a while, unexplained addition to Buffy S5 was an intriguing plot point. Many Alias fans - especially Sydney and Vaughn shippers -- were apoplectic about the addition of Lauren as Vaughn's wife, but I've always enjoyed Melissa George and her lips. And to borrow one of Randy Jackson's five tired cliches, Rachel Nichols is "smoking, molten lava hot, dawg!"

Good Ron Moore interview.

Could this be the start of a rebound for HBO? The series sounds interesting, and adding Judy Greer (to a cast with the criminally underused and underrated Rachel Harris) only makes it better.

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