Wednesday, July 4, 2007


On Monday's "action" packed episode of Big Love (which is getting really, really good in its second season), several familiar faces popped up. The perky social worker attempting to liberate the scheming Rhonda from her polygamous lifestyle, and impending child bridehood, was played by Margaret Easley. You may recall that I've mentioned her previously, as she is the chick from the ubiquitous DirectWay commercials. Jim Beaver, the much put upon Ellsworth from the tragically aborted Deadwood, is the owner of the videogame company who wants to sell out.

David Zayas has shown up several places. Zayas is Angel in Dexter regularly, but he's had guest spots recently on The Closer as the ballistics expert that even Tao thought was geeky, and in the fabulous new show Burn Notice as Weston's first "client." Speaking of Burn Notice, this is a great addition to USA's line up. Jeffrey Donovan was the lead in the American remake of Touching Evil, which USA inexplicably killed before it had a chance for a second season, and is fantastic in this. And cult god Bruce Campbell as his boozy, womanizing friend? Perfect!

On Monday's much funnier than usual ep of The Closer, Robert Picardo (ST: Voyager's Doctor, SG-1's Woolsy) played the funeral director with digestive issues.


  1. Fabulous? Really? I speak of course of Burn Notice. I enjoyed it, thought it was OK. Might be sad to see it cancelled, might not. As Carl might say,"bubblegum for the mind." Meg "It's the Dresdan Files for spies without magic."

  2. yes, I thought it was "fabulous," within the context of "summer entertainment." (Should I have been more clear? Perhaps). Not on the level with a BSG, Dexter or Lost, of course, but to me it was very engaging. I liked the balance of snark and wit vs. espionage and detective work. All the characters worked for me, and the voice overs were very solid, just short of the level of those on Veronica Mars. Of course, that's based on just one episode. I can see the Dresden analogy, and though I like that show, I found this one more artfully crafted and witty.