Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Whodat? (Commercial - Guest Star Edition)

Twice in one day, I saw the same character actress popping up in TV shows I watch. (Not that they aired the same day, thanks to the miracle that is Tivo). Once in a repeat of Without A Trace (that featured Miranda's old SITC boyfriend as a wacko who believed he was being tracked by aliens) and again on the increasingly funny Andy Barker PI. While usually I'm great at picking up on these things and even knowing the actor, I couldn't place her yet had the feeling I've seen her a great deal - almost like she was burned into my consciousness. Who was she? After a little digging, I found out it was Margaret Easley. Not a name I recognized, until it dawned on me, and saw the confirmation in her IMDB bio: she's the perky redhead in the ubiquitous DirectWay internet satellite commercials.

Side note about Andy Barker. If you're not watching it, or you gave up after the pilot, keep watching. The second episode, Fairway My Lovely, was hysterical. (It was penned by noted Buffy, Gilmores and BSG scribe Jane Espenson). It's been along time since I laughed out loud at a sitcom (probably watching reruns of Arrested Development on G4 last week), but this had several absurd and chuckle worthy moments. You can probably find it on the YouTubes or NBC's site.

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