Thursday, July 19, 2007

Smoking, drinking and advertising

Wow. This just kinda came out of nowhere. Who knew AMC produced original dramas? I forgot about AMC, when they shifted the definition of the "C" in their name a while ago. (I mean is there anyone on the planet earth who thinks that The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas is a "classic?" Anyone?)

However, I've been hearing quiet buzz about AMC's new hour drama, Mad Men, for the past few weeks. A drama set in the advertising world of the 60s, complete with skinny ties, chain smoking and lunchtime whiskey? Sign me up!

It comes with a decent enough pedigree, being from a writer and producer of The Sopranos (Matt Weiners' spec script for Mad Men is evidently what got him hired by David Chase). Plus it features two actors from the Whedonverse, Angel's Vincent Kartheiser (Connor) and the luminous and just about perfect in every way Christina Hendricks (Firefly's Yolanda/Saffron/Bridget).

Check out some critical praise:

Maureen Ryan

Matt Roush

Robert Bianco


Tonight at 10 PM EST, on AMC of all things.

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