Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fantasy Fucked

Okay, I'm used to getting fucked in my fantasies. Or, put another and different way, having my fantasies fucked. However, I'm speaking about fantasy football, and yep, I'm fucked.

You see, I play in a "keeper" league. We're allowed to protect 3 players on our roster from year to year, and that strategy has paid dividends for me the last few years. I had a point scoring core trio of LaDanian Tomlinson, Tiki Barber and Michael Vick.


Yes, LT should be the top player in fantasy leagues all across the country, so I've got that going for me. Which is nice. But Tiki decided he'd had enough of Tom Coughlin's bullshit (like giving easy touchdowns to Brandon Jacobs -- the bane of fantasy owners everywhere) and would rather make morning chit chat with Merdith Viera and Matt Lauer. And, as everyone in free world knows today, Ron Mexico won't be named ASPCA Man of the year anytime soon.

So, I have one of the greatest fantasy point scoring machines ever, and......nothing.

There's still some time before the draft to get more info on whether Vick will be starring with Diane Lane and John Cusack in a sequel to Must Love Dogs, but I can't imagine we'll know for certain if he'll suit up for 16 Falcons games or not. Roger "new sheriff in town" Goddell has made his position on bad boys quite clear.

Here's the dilemma. RBs and QBs are the primo point generators in fantasy football. There are 32 teams. That means 32 starting QBs (kind of). And 32 starting RBs (kind of). Several teams have rookies coming in at those key positions, and other use the "rotation" or "platoon" strategy at RB. There are 12 other teams in the fantasy league, so with 3 keepers each, that means the 36 best players will be unavailable (37 including LT). And because I finished so well last year, I'll be picking toward the bottom of the draft. Basically, I'm screwed.

Hello Tavaris Jackson and Reuben Droughns. Thanks Tiki. Thanks Mike. We haven't even snapped the first ball yet, and it's already a long year.

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