Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Wheel in the Sky" plays as Phil's head is crushed.

Or maybe "Open Arms" plays as Tony and Janice tenderly share a sibling moment over their mutual hatred for Livia? Or perhaps we hear " "Who's Crying Now" as Paulie attempts to figure out if that damned cat is the reincarnated spirit of Adriana or Christopher? (Note: great spinoff idea: Paulie and the cat in a buddy comedy about a malaprop using capo with mother issues and his snarky feline compatriot. Hilarity ensues as they go about whacking rival mobsters from New York. And dogs).

I kid.

The folks from Journey certainly got some good press in the aftermath of The Sopranos finale. See interviews with Steve Perry here, Jonathon Cain here and Neal Schon here. It appears only Perry was a spoiler whore, and wanted to know exactly how it ends.

Perhaps we should all go to work to write a pop song that will fit perfectly with the end of Lost or Battlestar Galactica.

Speaking of which, here is what some of TV's top writers thought of the finale.

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