Friday, June 8, 2007

The "Italian Crystal Ball" and Galactica Enlightenment

A few things this morning.

Everyone is making predictions about the much-anticipated series finale of The Sopranos, so I'll chip in with a few:
  1. Tony lives through the finale.
  2. Paulie has been a traitor, working with Phil Leotardo.
  3. Paulie gets whacked.
  4. Phil gets whacked.
Battlestar Galactica had an "event" this week, and here's a great summary of it from AICN.

Here's an odd link I found the other day (from Pop Candy, I believe) about whistling in rock songs. I always find this annoying, because sadly, I can't whistle. Despite the sexy and simple instructions from a gorgeous Lauren Bacall, I still haven't mastered it.

A wonderfully insightful essay on the "meaning" and "blueprint" of Buffy's season 6 episode, "Flooded." For those into the analytical and philosophical structure of the show, it's a must read.

Johnny Drama for a "Fake Emmy!" And a hilarious "first person" guest column from Drama himself in Variety.

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