Friday, June 8, 2007

Casting News

David Anders from Alias (who I suggested would make a nice addition to my "24 Reboot") is reported to be joining Heroes. That's great news.

Jack McCoy is being promoted to District Attorney. I suggested something similar last month. No word yet on who will become the new Senior ADA. I'm assuming Rubirosa will continue as the ADA. Which is okay with TNRLM, since I like her. (#1 of "available" ADAs, since Angie Harmon has a pilot on another network -- based on the James Patterson books and featuring two former Angel writers on staff! -- and Claire Kincaid is, well, dead). Also, Jeremy Sisto (the entrancingly deranged Billy Chenowith on Six Feet Under) is replacing Milena Govich as one of the detectives.

Isaiah Washington gets the boot from Grey's
. It's one thing to say something "offensive" or "politically incorrect." (like Charles Rocket on SNL, for example). But to do it in anger, direct it at someone specific (who is actually of the orientation of the slur, and not do it amusingly like in The 40 Year Old Virgin), get in a fistfight with one of your costars over the whole incident, then use it AGAIN at an awards show, then cop a sad "rehab" excuse, and finally tape a lame PSA -- well, you can't say he didn't have it coming. Then you use a Network quote about getting fired? What a total asshat. I stopped watching the show a while ago, but I can say that of all the unlikeable characters, I hated Burke the most. Well, except for Meredith. Everyone hates that whore.

Speaking of Alias, another friendly face from that show turns up on another good show. Bradley Cooper is joining Nip/Tuck.

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