Monday, May 14, 2007

TV's Best Cliffhangers

AOL TV recently posted a listing of TV's best cliffhangers. Some I agree with, some I don't. As I stated in a previous post, while I realize the "nation gripped in a frenzy" impact of "Who Shot JR?," being a complete geek, number one in my book (and 3 in theirs, I think) was the end of Star Trek: The Next Generation's "Best of Both Worlds" (part 1).

Most of their choices are from more recent times as older shows didn't trend toward serialized stories, but I'm glad they did reach back to one of the great, underrated sitcoms of all time, SOAP. Incredibly daring for its time, especially for a sitcom.

Also, I was shocked as hell about Boomer shooting Adama, but personally I was mind-frakked much more over the "one year later" ending of "Lay Down Your Burdens." And this year's BSG season ender was similarly, and spectacularly, crafted.

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