Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I guess he had it coming for killing James T. Kirk

So Linderman is dead? "Phase punched" to the head by DL, who scrambled Linderman's brains? Wow. Didn't see that one coming. And another bad turn for guest stars, as Eric Roberts' Thompson gets two in the brain from HRG, who I'm happy see is trending back towards his "grey area" morality. Not only plugging Thompson, with the classic one liner "your last thought," but also knowing all along that the tracking system was a cute wittle girl that he had to off as well.

Another great thrill ride from Heroes last night, full of fantastic moments:
  • Pretty much anything Sylar did. Getting Magneto on the armored truck. Turning Geico caveman Ted into upside down brain cake. Lurking around a corner eating ice cream. "Boom" at the end.
  • Sulu rocking the ninja swordplay!
  • Parkman mindreading his way past security.
  • One of the very few times I liked the skank Niki/Jessica: "didn't I throw you out a window?"
  • An ancient samurai sword repair shop. In the yellow pages.

Not much to complain about, other than the fact that the normally gorgeous Rena Sofer is about the ugliest "cry-er" I've ever seen. (as evidenced both here and on 24).

  • So Molly was the girl Parkman saved from Sylar? Holy shit, I had forgotten that. I was perplexed about how she knew him, but found out, thanks to the interwebs.
  • Does Sulu have some power of "super teaching?" Or did Hiro freeze or accelerate time? Otherwise, how did all the swordplay lessons get imparted so quickly?
  • So how fucked up is Candace in real life? It was hinted that her hot chick in plaid miniskirt look is also an illusion. Just overweight (implied by her eating comments) or acid in the face screwed up?

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